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Ms. Tay

Ms. Tay graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Life Sciences. She is also an alumnus of National Junior College and Cedar Girls' Secondary School. 

Her passion in science and her love for students' growth and development have directed her towards a teaching career in A-CUBE.

Besides having stellar academic results during her school days, she also actively participates in volunteering work which requires her to teach less fortunate students in a charitable organisation. Her years of experience with the organisation have therefore honed her teaching skills and prepared her to teach students who are weak in Chemistry and Biology.

Mr. Leow 

Mr. Leow is a retired secondary school teacher who has taught elementary and additional mathematics for 35 years.


During his term of service with the Ministry of Education, he was appointed the mentor for the trainees from National Institute of Education (NIE) for 18 years and had taken on the role of the disciplinary master for 18 years. Other than teaching in school, Mr. Leow was also a trainer for students participating in the Lower Secondary School Mathematics Competition and Olympiad Mathematics Competition for primary school.

Backed by his wealth of experience from instructing and coaching students from all walks of life, Mr. Leow is patient and gives clear and concise instructions to his students.

Mr. Fu

Mr Fu has been tutoring mathematics for more than 10years. His passion for the subject led him to pursue a degree and masters in math. Currently, he holds a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in mathematics. 

Mr. Fu was also in the scholarship programme. 

His teaching credentials include:
-Teaching at A-Cube Education Centre where he is also the founder
- Held yearly intensive revision classes for O and A-Level students. 
- Creates challenging materials for students who demand more on themselves.
- Math tutor at a local university for engineering students.

With his experience and knowledge in the subject matter, Mr. Fu is confident to help his next student improve his/her math grades and inspire them to see that math can be easier than they think.

Mr. Ng

Mr. Ng recently graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physics.

Mr. Ng enjoys discussing, learning and teaching Physics. He believes learning Physics well is about appreciating the way the world works. He is currently teaching Physics for the secondary and junior college students.


Ms. Ramani

Ms Ramani was always intrigued by chemical reactions, theories and its concepts hence this led her to pursue a Masters in Science (Chemistry) in NUS and graduated in 2015. She enjoys imparting chemistry knowledge to students and feels joy when students understand and apply their knowledge while attempting those application-based questions and in turn growing their passion for chemistry. 


'Learning is a process that has no end hence I am learning at the same time while teaching students'.

-Ms Ramani

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